To Renovate or Build a New Home, that is the Question! photo

To Renovate or Build a New Home, that is the Question!

And yes, it's a BIG question if you have an older style home especially.

Renovating is not easy, especially if you plan on managing it yourself, or living in the home while you are renovating.

Kareela Constructions has been doing renovations for the past 20 years, so we know a thing or two about how to do it, and how to do it well. We offer both solutions... renovations and New Home builds.

Why would you choose to renovate rather than build a new home?

There are actually lots of reasons.😉

Renovating allows you to increase the value of your home, so can be a great option if you are in an area that you love to live and you want to stay there. By strategically improving your home with a stylish remodel, you are not only making it more desirable to live in yourself, you are also improving your options financially down to the track for resale value. It's a win-win situation.

You may be emotionally attached to the home: it's where you have grown up, or perhaps it's where you have raised your children and there are too many fond memories to leave. If this is the case, then a renovation is definitely worth considering.

Building a new custom designed home is not always in the budget either, but doing a renovation to the existing home to better meet your daily needs may be doable.

Things that would add plenty of value to an existing home would be a new roof, a master bedroom suite with an added ensuite and walk in robe. A North facing deck where you can spend time outdoors eating or hanging out. More living space makes a big difference to the feel of the home and provides a space for the whole family to gather together. The kitchen is a huge part of this! Be it a substantial or a small renovation project done well, it is always going to have a great outcome, no matter what the reason you are doing it. Sometimes the home is not worth the hassle of renovating, because the structure is nothing like what you desire your home to be... the living spaces don't work, the bedrooms aren't big enough, the deck faces the wrong direction ... lots of reasons to completely knock down the existing home and rebuild.

Kareela Constructions can help you with this. We have lots of done for you designs, or we can help you with Custom Designing a new home to suit your site.  Older homes are generally less cost effective because the appliances and connections are not energy efficient. There are far more energy efficient appliances available on the market nowadays then there were even ten years ago. LED lights compared to Halogen globes are a great example. Replacing things like this in your home can decrease your electricity bill significantly. Other times that you would choose to do a knockdown rebuild would be if the value of the land has gone up significantly. You are better off utilizing the full space by building a brand new home, duplex, or block of units to really add the value to the property for short and long term gain. This option helps with budgeting, and knowing what your costs are going to be. Renovating an old home, gutting it, and remodelling it can open up a can of worms when it comes to hidden costs.

What about building a new home? When you choose to build a new home from scratch, the only hidden costs are potentially the ground or site works, or any additional upgrades from the original contract price that you add along the way. With a New Home build, you find a design you like, either one of our floor plans or a custom designed one that we can help you design that suits you and suits your budget, then you choose what inclusions, finishes and fixtures you want in the home. From there we give you a contract price, that includes everything that you want within that budget. The process is easy and pain free. The Colour Selection can be done at the beginning, so you can even go on holidays for 3-6 months and come back to a brand new completed home. The choice is yours. What will you decide? With the HomeBuilder grant still available until the 31st March 2021, you can still get some help from the Government to pursue your dreams. Contact us here for more information.