Relevant Renovations: A Home that grows with You photo

Relevant Renovations: A Home that grows with You

When you build your dream home, you pour your time, money, energy, and ideas into it. It becomes a setting that represents you. As the times are changing, so are your needs and preferences. You continually develop and grow as an individual, adapting to the different environments you are placed in, so we can’t see any reason why your house doesn't  do the same. Your dream home should be able to grow with you. 😉

The mention of house remodelling and renovating may make some of you feel excited while the others might be apprehensive for such a challenging move. Whatever you are feeling towards the subject, you have to keep in mind that you are doing this to improve your house as well as your way of living and not just simply create a fresh new look for your home. A chic new look never hurt anyone! 

If you are planning to make it happen but just need a little nudge, you’ve come to the right place. 

Save the Cost of Moving


Renovating is always the cheaper option than selling it and buying a new property. Not only will buying a new home burden you with the costs, it will also be a source of endless paperwork and phone calls on your end not to mention the issues of buying someone else's problem!

However, if you really feel like all the aspects of your home are no longer functional and do not fit your lifestyle, there are also knock down rebuild options. Basically, it is knocking down your existing home in order to build a more functional design. This option allows you to have complete control and flexibility over the floor plan, making sure that your preferences are taken into serious consideration. Most importantly, the knock rebuild option is also cost effective in comparison to most renovations.  Check out some of our great designs here 

Fix a Safety Issue


A major reason that puts renovation as a serious concern in any home related conversations is addressing safety issues like roof leaks, wall cracks, and electrical problems. While leaks and cracks have temporary remedies, most of us are probably guilty of not paying attention to the rewiring situation of our homes because every time we turn on the light or use our ACs, it all just seems fine.

Nowadays, depending on the age of the property, the outdated wiring system installed with the construction of the house does not meet the demands of modern living. Rewiring these days can be very expensive and laboursome, but consulting professionals like Craig from Kareela Constructions who knows how to renovate or tidy up your existing dwelling or build a new one that will  last can actually save you money in the long run. 

Also, should you want to sell your house in the future, you can actually make more money for its improved safety features.

Improve Functionality


Sometimes our houses can be a little impractical. It could be due to a dysfunctional bathroom, a safety hazard kitchen, or it is simply getting small due to your growing brood. 

While bathroom and kitchen renovations may seem like a thing of luxury, what most people fail to realise is it is actually a necessity. Bathrooms and the kitchen are one of the most used spaces in the house. We spend a lot of our time in these areas so it is only reasonable that it gets an upgrade every once in a while. 

On the other hand, room extensions and adding a few extra rooms are probably the most common upgrades that people make in their homes. This is a great way of utilising unused spaces in your property and if executed well could even allow you to set up outdoor living spaces. 

Promote Sustainability


Majority of the modern houses are built in a way that utilises renewable materials and optimises water and energy use. Practicing sustainability in your home will not only make it last longer but the efficiency will result in a lower energy bill. 

Increase Property Value


Your house can get outdated if you don’t remodel and upgrade it every once in a while. An outdated home can also mean a lesser value in the market. By doing the necessary upgrades like changing the overall style and impression to adapt to a more timeless feel or rewiring to improve the safety features, can increase the value of your home on the market.

Improve the Quality of Life


The main priority when renovating a home should be comfort, safety, and security. If your home doesn’t offer you the solace you always wanted, take it as a sign to start the remodelling process. 

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Renovating your dream home is not an easy feat. Whether you’re considering a complete design and construction service on your new parcel of land or you're ready to get started restoring your beloved home, it is important to note that you don’t have to do it alone. 

At Kareela Constructions, we are here and willing to help. 😊

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