Kareela Constructions Home Builder Grant Update - How It Can Benefit You. photo

Kareela Constructions Home Builder Grant Update - How It Can Benefit You.

On the 29th November 2020, the Australian Government announced an extension to the HomeBuilder program for eligible owner-occupiers (including first home buyers) . ( Great news for Australians who haven't taken up the generous offer as yet! )

This initiative by the Government has been provided as a response to the Covid-19 crisis and assists the residential construction sector by encouraging the commencement of new builds and renovations.

There are a few changes to the original scheme though, as pointed out on Sunday.

The extension of program means that contracts signed between the 1st of January 2021 and 31st March 2021 will be eligible to receive $15,000. The construction of the property must commence within six months of the contract being signed.

The current program still applies until the 31st December 2020, so the $25,000 is still available for contracts signed up until the end of the year.

After that, it drops back to the $15,000.

What a great reason to get those renovations, additions and things done around your Tamworth property...

Kareela Constructions are getting very busy; however, we currently have the availability, and the ability to get your job started within the next six months, which is great news for the Home owner who needs to take advantage of this awesome offer. 

This could change though very quickly..😉 like many of the changes that have taken place this crazy year of 2020.

The HomeBuilder Grant can only be accessed by contracting a licenced builder to your job.

For more information go https://treasury.gov.au/coronavirus/homebuilder