Hamptons Style or Classic Country ... What is your Style? photo

Hamptons Style or Classic Country ... What is your Style?

You live in the Tamworth region, and you are talking to your friends at a neighbourhood bbq...."What Style of home are you building?"

The question always comes up in conversation when you are thinking and planning to build or renovate your new home. There are so many styles out there that often we get confused about what we actually love. People like to put things in a box. They like to sort stuff! Often what we actually like is a mix of styles, taken from all over the world.  Some of the styles that we love originated in the Hamptons, just north of New York, some from other American towns and cities, and others from Europe, Asia, or Africa. There's French Provincial, Country style, Hamptons style, Bohemian, Coastal Style,  Modern... the list goes on. 

We like the idea of coming up with a style, to give a concept more ground and to create a theme within your new home in Australia;  BUT,  we also encourage you to think about what exactly you need within your home, that works for yourself and your family within those living spaces. The climate and landscape where the home will be built will also be a huge consideration when you are planning your Australian home.  If you are living in a country region like the North West slopes and plains, or tablelands surrounding Tamworth you will need to consider things like: 

1. How to screen the home for flies - so having bifolding doors opening to a big alfresco may not be a great solution.  Entertainer sliders with screens might be perfect. Or you might want to build an outdoor style room that is totally screened, ensuring that the alfresco is bug free. 

2. Winters are cold, and summers are hot,  so your living room as well as your other rooms will need to have some type of heating, and cooling for summer.  A slow combustion fireplace is a lovely natural option, so you can use the firewood from your surrounding farm or area, it's cheap and easily sourced. 

3. Do you need the garage to be attached to the home?  Many people on farms actually have a big shed to house their vehicles. This makes sense and cuts costs for the home build as you have less space under the roof.  If a garage is important to you, think about adding storage in there for things that you use often and need to get easily. They will stay cleaner and in better condition in a storage in the home rather than the shed. 

4. Are high ceilings or raked ceilings important for bringing in natural light? No matter where you live around the world, you have access to sunlight, and breezes. Determine where your best aspect is, North East if you are in the Southern Hemisphere and use it to your advantage.  The style of your home doesn't matter in this case,  any style can have windows and doors, and high windows added for extra light. Skylights are another way of getting plenty of light into otherwise potentially dark spaces. 

5. Insulation is important in most places but especially in climates that vary greatly in temperate between the seasons. James Hardies weatherboard cladding has high insulation properties and is also bush fire resistant which makes it the perfect external cladding. The colour can be changed in ten years time to give it a whole new look. How good is that?!

How you create your home spaces can vary between lots of timeless styles and how you live your daily life here on earth using your home as your centre stage and place of primary residence. Your colour palette is one of the first choices that you make when you are embarking on a building project. Dulux paints have an incredible range of great colours available, with palettes of themed colours already done for you, which can really help with putting together the look you are going for.   

What colours do you love? Personally, and professionally we say that White (and there is of course thousands of shades of white) is the most neutral and timeless colour there is.  If you build your home and use white paints (in varying shades) you are pretty much 100% guaranteed that in ten years time, your home will still be in vogue. White walls are classic. White shaker doors in your kitchen,  or white contemporary style flat doors, teamed with natural textures, stone benchtops and your favourite style of tapware and handles. All these things are determined by you, and don't have to follow an exact theme. We Aussies are good at changing up styles to suit ourselves aren't we... think about our slang words!  Other countries can't understand us, but we get us! 

Am I right? 

Of course! :) 

A common mistake that is made when people are considering their new home and the floor plan, is only thinking about what they need NOW.  It is important think about how the home will stand the test of time, with the modern family unit growing and changing.  Different ages of the children mean different needs. Things like Dual Occupancy options are something to consider.  Building an ensuite into the secondary bedrooms can make living with family easier especially as the children get older and perhaps bring their partners home to live. Something that seems to be a common upward trend as the cost of living increases. The stress of a mortgage or loan can be eased by families living within the one home, but perhaps with separate living areas. 

The best way to work out what you actually love is to create a mood board, or a Pinterest page where you can save your favourite styles and colour schemes, as well as the overall look you want for your new home or renovation.   Using that can really take the guess work out of what look you are going for and will help your builder create the home you desire. 

Kareela Constructions offers colour selection advice and can help you negotiate the Selection stage with ease. Contact us for more information.