Finding the Perfect Home that suits your budget in Northwest NSW photo

Finding the Perfect Home that suits your budget in Northwest NSW

When it comes to home buying, everyone knows the most important rule to ALWAYS remember: never purchase a house that you can’t afford. Of course, this rule varies from one buyer to the other depending on the budget they have. It is important to note however that more than figuring out what you can and can’t afford, budgeting is actually a helpful way of effectively implementing smart spending and saving habits. These habits will eventually help you achieve your goals of building the house of your dreams.

Homeownership is an ultimate dream of most Australians but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you are not careful enough with your purchasing decisions. Especially for first-time buyers who can understandably get excited about their first time purchase and may prioritise their wants more than their needs. 

Your budget in house building plays a big and important role in the entire process. We’re here to help you figure it out and assess it to help you further reach your dream home in no time, stress-free and worry-free guaranteed.😉

We’re here to show you homes that are sure to fit within your budget. ( obviously all of you will have varying budgets...)


Big And Spacious


If you’re looking for a house that’s bigger in space, we have it as well. If you’re planning to have a bigger family (or already have one), or simply wanting a big space to yourself, these houses will surely satisfy your needs. The size of these homes might be intimidating to your wallet at first glance but worry not, these will sure fit comfortably in your budget.

Eden 229-60

The Eden 229 is the ultimate family home,  and Dual Occupancy home, offering all the features to meet the needs of a growing or multi generational family at a great value price.


It has 5 generous sized bedrooms, a Media room, a generous treat of 2 spacious living rooms, 2 kitchens, and 2 dining areas, plus a host of separately zoned entertainment areas that kids will most definitely love. This home design ticks all the boxes for an ideal home for all the members of the family. 


Ashbourne 152




Ashbourne 152 is one of our narrow block designs requiring only a 10m wide frontage. With 4 generously sized bedrooms and two living areas, plus a spacious living area that extends to an equally spacious alfresco space, it indeed proves that a narrow block doesn't mean a small home. This simple yet timeless home design promotes practicality, having a much lower building cost due to the fact that it is taking up less land, the money saved can go towards more important things or specifications you want to be included in your home.



Jamberoo 406



Jamberoo 406  is only one of the many designs featured under acreage home design. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and double garage, plus a host of separately zoned entertainment areas such as a theatre, lounge, and a game room. Apart from the impressively generous indoor space, this design also boasts an Alfresco area that extends your living space outside, effectively adding more function and beauty to the home.


Humble And Intimate


If you’re a person looking for small, cozy houses, these houses are meant for you. These are perfect if you’re starting a small family or if you find comfort in living alone. These homes are complete with every necessity a home could ever have and might be the home of your dreams.


Brighton 161



Brighton 161 falls under the fully customisable Coastal designs. With 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a double garage, plus a spacious kitchen and dining area that expertly flow towards an equally spacious living area, it proves how even a modest space can feel intimate yet expansive when executed right. 


Trinity 145



Trinity 145 also falls under the fully customisable Coastal designs. This design has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a double garage, plus a sizable kitchen, dining room, and living area. Just like Brighton 161, it also proves that even a small space can be both roomy and functional, giving you the ample space that you need while maintaining that intimate living experience.



Tamarama 193 



Tamarama 193   is one of our narrow block designs requiring only a 10.5m wide frontage. With 3 generously sized bedrooms and living area flowing onto the alfresco, a narrow block doesn't mean a small home.


Perfect Home Materialising


Planning ahead is vital with planning your future home and getting your builder involved early in the process is one of the wisest things to do. This will ensure that your budget will align to the ideas that you have in mind, making the journey to your future home a smooth one. If then thought of all of this stresses you out, don’t fret, that’s why Craig is here to do that for you. 

Let your ideas spill out into the world with no limitations because we will be doing our very best to make them happen. We will design according to the condition of your land, the environment of the area and your family’s lifestyle.

You can be confident that you have the right team to help you with your ideas and designs, so let go of those worries because with Craig and Mandy, your dream home is only a few steps away.