Enjoy the Benefits of a Smart Home with the Smart Choice photo

Enjoy the Benefits of a Smart Home with the Smart Choice

Despite being priced slightly higher than regular homes, energy efficient homes are becoming more and more popular in the market. While there are those that believe it’s counter-intuitive and impractical to make such a costly purchase, there are those that remain fascinated with the idea of a home that will not only help them save money in the long run but also comes with the purpose of helping the environment, the economy, as well as an unmatched quality that will influence you live a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle. 

Farm life especially benefits from having some extra items added to them in the way of sustainability to help during those times of power outages and other failures from mainstream sources.  Spending the money now to benefit for the years to come is certainly becoming more acceptable and actioned. 


Benefits of Energy Efficient Homes


Lower Electricity Cost - Although the construction cost of an energy efficient home is significantly more than a regular home, the cost to operate will be less than the majority of existing homes. The lower cost comes from energy efficient systems installed such as tested performance, improved HVAC systems, High performance windows, air infiltration, and water efficiency.

Healthy Quality of Life - Energy efficient homes are crafted more carefully and individually for the purpose of reducing wasted energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and its demand for non-renewable energy resources. This commitment provides many benefits which includes providing you with healthier, cleaner living conditions. 

Improved Comfort - Although we all have different definitions as to what comfort is for us. Whatever it means for you, it is guaranteed to be given by an energy efficient home. In a green home, comfort is a combination of temperature, humidity, air movement. While there is no combination of temperatures that will be considered perfect for all potential occupants, Energy Smart Builders and their HVAC contractors believe that one key to comfort is "right-sizing" of the HVAC systems. 

Improved Resale Value - Your energy efficiency upgrades can not only lower your energy bill; they can also increase your home's value. Depending on how you utilise your home, it has the best chance of producing low energy bills that is 20% to 30% more efficient than homes built to 2006 International Energy Efficiency Code and significantly more efficient than virtually all homes built prior to that time. Once you decide to put your house up for sale, you can present your Efficiency Promise Certificate, it can provide a "third party verification" that the home has been designed, built, inspected and tested to perform to high standards.

Positive Impact to the Environment - The benefits of energy efficient homes are as numerous as they are critical. These benefits go beyond jumping into the market trend of buying smart homes for aesthetic purposes. The purchase of an energy efficient home also means protecting our environment with cleaner, safer air and water, reduced waste streams, and the conservation and restoration of natural resources.  

The Smart Choice For A Smart Home


It has been established throughout this article that the construction of an energy efficient home is indeed significantly more costly than a regular home which is why you really have to weigh your options before you start your construction journey. 

Unlike regular houses, the process of building a smart home is dealt with more carefully to ensure that all the elements that must be included are meticulously incorporated to the structure so that it may effectively serve its purpose as a home designed to emanate positive environmental and economic impact. 

At Kareela Constructions, we are driven to provide our clients with energy efficient systems to absolute luxury custom designed homes. We are local builders based in Tamworth NSW with a team that is well known for attention to detail, ability to listen, to understand, and to guide our clients toward building your dream home. 

With the supervision of Craig Martin and his wife Mandy, our team will take care of your entire building or renovation project that will focus on the finer details. Backed by 30 years of experience, our local reputation speaks for itself. 

Craig and wife Mandy are the dream team for your home renovations with plenty of experience in small, single room renovations to major full home renovations, our team does the job on time, every time.✔😀

Most of all, we are committed to communicate with our clients every step of the way and keep you updated with the entire process. The enormous wealth of knowledge and expertise of our team, led by Craig and Mandy will turn your envisioned smart home into a reality.

Make the smart choice, build with us!