Choosing a Home Design that works for you in Tamworth NSW photo

Choosing a Home Design that works for you in Tamworth NSW

So how do you choose a home design that will be right for your family and lifestyle, living in a rural setting, or in town....  not to mention, budget? 

In todays world, it is much easier to work out what we like and don't like, because it is all online. We have access to literally thousands of designs and websites where plans, facades and heaps of other information is available to us.  Research for every topic has been made so much easier. You can find a building and design consultant easily,  and most sales people are super helpful and can even walk you through some of the processes to help you with the financial side of things.

The question is,  who do you trust with one of the most important decisions of your life? 

A builder who is local, and who you know, or know of, is the best place to start. Sometimes builders will have a house and land package that has it all done for you.... the floor plan may look just perfect for your family so that makes the decision making easy, because it limits the choices.  You pay the package price for the block of land and the home, sign the contracts and you are under way. 

But let's say you already have the land component and you now need to find the right builder for you. It's a great idea if you have the opportunity, to visit the display homes in the area to walk through an existing space and get a feel for things.  Check the sizes of the rooms and how the furniture fits within the space. How much natural lighting is in the home and where it is coming from. What interior design do you like and how would your existing furniture fit in it,  or will you need to budget in a new household of furniture?

Choosing an open living floor plan for people to gather within the larger spaces is a great way to encourage interaction and family connection.  Also including a workspace somewhere within that open area but not open to view the mess of a desk is a great idea, especially for families with younger children who might need supervising with homework and other computer useage. 

Other important features to explore and include in the home you design,  or the plan you choose are:

1.  An indoor/outdoor area for meals and entertaining

2.  A three way main bathroom - bath and shower in one space ( can include small vanity here if required ) and vanity in the centre of the three rooms, with a separate room for toilet.. this always works well, no matter what or who is living in the home. 

3.  Consider individual ensuites if you have extended family or adult children living in the home. Kareela Constructions can help you custom design these things if needed.  Or you can start with one of our standard range of floor plans and change it to suit. 

4.  Plenty of natural light throughout the home especially the living spaces

5.  The home's orientation should face North or North East to ensure the above. 

6.  If you want to look onto a lovely garden or pool, consider an L Shaped home such as our Noosa 462

There are so many features that could be included here but that is six for now.  Finding the floor plan and home design to suit you exactly is a very individual thing but if you get most of it right, you will be sure to enjoy living in your home for years to come.