6 steps to prepare you for your renovation photo

6 steps to prepare you for your renovation

With an increase of people working from home and the progression of people now relocating from the city to rural and regional areas, home is no longer just a place separate from the office.

With the increased time spent at home we are seeing an increase of value put into their homes and renovating or building in such a way to highlight unique personal and family values. Yet some people may find themselves reluctant and skeptical to go ahead with their dream of a renewed home because renovation seems like a daunting task. Here, we have given five steps to help you start your renovation.

1. Collect your inspiration. 

The first step in planning your renovation is gathering ideas for your renovation. You could find your dream home designs realised on Pinterest boards or instagram posts. You could also have your own mood / dream board. After collecting all design ideas that appeal to you, you must go through them to prioritise what elements of design are the most important for you. It is so much easier to approach a builder or architect with a list of ideas in hand.

2. Time to budget.


After finalising your list of ideas, it’s time to start calculating the budget for your renovation. Seeking the assistance of a bank to map out your renovation budget may be your first step. Alternatively, you could approach experienced builders to get an estimate from them. Based on this estimate you can allocate or channel your financial resources to prioritise your renovation. Kareela Constructions has a fantastic reputation in Tamworth, with years of experience building and renovating houses in the region. Our services include estimating the cost of your renovation project in the most budget friendly way possible.


3. Consolidate your ideas


A common mistake people make while planning home renovations is over-capitalising. Sometimes 'simple is better' when it comes to additions and renovations. If you plan properly and avoid unnecessary changes, your renovated house can become a model of timeless design.


4. Open communication with your builder


One of the keys to creating a positive renovation experience is ensuring that all your ideas, values and priorities are communicated with your builder. If you are aware of or concerned about any issues that may come up during renovation, it is best to discuss it upfront with your builder. 
We aim to create a space where no questions are bad questions. Addressing concerns, thoughts and queries is important and we encourage all our clients to be as forthcoming as possible. 


5. Set your timeline


It is important to discuss the timeline in which you want the project to be completed during the initial stage of planning. Although every homeowner would prefer the work to be completed at the earliest, there may be delays due to bad weather and delay in availability of resources. So, we urge owners to share their desired timeline with us so that we can go over all the possibilities and get back to you with a realistic outlook on how early the project can be finished.


6. Find your Builder

We know there could be more reasons why you are hesitant to start your renovation project, so why not call us today and start the conversation about why you want to renovate and what you feel the road blocks may be. 

We are always able to find practical solutions for every issue that owners bring up, thanks to our extensive experience renovating homes in the region. We can put your mind at ease and give you the motivation and support to realise your dream home. So, don't hesitate to talk to us if you have an inclination to upgrade your existing home. 

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