Let’s talk White Kitchens photo

Let’s talk White Kitchens

No matter what people suggest the current trends and colours for kitchens are, we personally know that a white kitchen literally never has, and will never, go out of style.

Big statement, but hear us out.  😉

Why do people love white kitchens?  

The cabinetry is always light, bright and extremely popular because it stays fresh and clean looking. It brightens the space that would otherwise seem darker. White cabinets continue to be extremely popular in 2020 simply because they go with any texture and any style…including the many super popular styles including farmhouse kitchen designs, and Hampton’s style, as well as the ultra modern looks.

White cabinetry allows you to be creative with your benchtops, while permitting the use of different finishes and styles. For example; timber on the island bench and granite or engineered stone on the surrounding benches. If you love the stainless steel look, or simply need it because it is the best high-use surface for what you do; this goes perfectly with White cabinetry and doors as well.  

White also allows for those yearly colour trends to be incorporated into your home and your kitchen, no matter what colour or texture they are, if the style suits, then the colour will also work perfectly.

Why do we think that White kitchens are here to stay? Because kitchens with white cabinetry have a lot of flexibility with their design, and are easily dressed up for a high-end look, or more rustic fora countryside kitchen. The doors can be textured, grooved, shaker style…. There’s many options out there, but they are best in white.  

To make any space look larger, Let loose with the white paint! It reflects light, and makes everything feel open and airy. If you think of your home as a white canvas, then anything is possible as your moods,ideas and the trends change.  

Do we think you should consider a white kitchen in your new project?  

Without a doubt!

That would be our first choice, every time!