Hamptons is one of the coastal styles requested often by our... photo

Hamptons is one of the coastal styles requested often by our...

In recent years Hamptons has become increasingly popular in Australia, but just as we Aussies do with so many other styles we've put our own spin on it to create a very unique 'Australian Hamptons' style. 

Hamptons is a style inspired by the luxury Holiday Homes in the sea-side communities along the Eastern Beaches of upstate New York, Long Island.

It’s all about luxury, generosity and grandeur paired with comfortable living - nautical themes, and creating inviting spaces which are designed for easy living.

The traditional exterior Hamptons colour palette is varying shades of greys, blues, and sandy colours, with trims always a lovely contrasting white.

Internally, the traditional Hamptons colour theme is the same… White is the most dominant colour, and it uses nautical colours - blues and sandy tones, along with navy’s and whites to finish the theme - The Hamptons style is big on layering patterns in textiles to create cosy and inviting spaces.

Australian home owners and builders tend to change the traditional style to suit our locality, our lifestyle and our budget.

We aren’t so big into the layering of patterns, we like it simple, elegant and stylish; we use linens, and different textures rather than lots of patterns… we tend to like things more plain and neutral.

Internally, with fixtures and fittings, you’ll often see timber floors, marble splash backs and bench tops, chrome or brass tap ware and plenty of shiplap cabinetry. The Shaker style doors on the kitchen cabinetry and bathrooms are also very popular. It makes for a fresh and breezy and comforting setting.

Mostly the base palette for kitchens and bathrooms is all white , but colour in lower wet area cabinetry has taken off in Australian Hampton style interiors; in particular, charcoal, black, green and navy.

Along with coloured cabinetry, we’re using traditional Hampton’s moulding, marble bench tops and farmhouse sinks, paired with contemporary tapware against white backdrops.

We love indoor plants too! Always great for decorating, and also great for our health. There is something about creating a resort style sanctuary inside our homes that gets us all excited about designing, and building these homes for our valuable clients. 

Kareela Constructions have lots of beautiful designs already done for you…We have embraced many of the characteristics of the traditional Hamptons style, but of course, it’s up to you as the buyer and home-owner to make your own version of the style come to reality. That’s what is so great about design and construct. It’s what we do best.

We build throughout the Tamworth region of New South Wales.

Come and talk to us about your new home. Let us help you design a home that you are proud of and that reflects your own Hamptons Aussie style!

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