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Passive Solar Home design in the Greater Tamworth Region of NSW
posted on 01 September 2020 12:55 PM

Many Australians living around Gunnedah, Manilla, and Tamworth areas are thinking about Sustainability and a long term energy efficient way to live and operate their home. This is called Passive Solar Home Design. Passive Solar design has a few determining factors. Firstly, the definition, passive design uses natural energy flows (sun and wind) to maintain the most comfortable indoor environment possible for a building for the climate in which it’s located. In North Western NSW the orientation to always face your Eco friendly home is NORTH.  North East is ok, but North gives you the best outcome. Secondly, the terms ‘passive design’, ‘solar design’ and ‘passive solar design’ are generally used interchangeably.Thirdly, the parts: the design considerations required to achieve a passive solar building are:OrientationZoningThermal massShadingInsulationVentilationGlazingTraditionally these passive solar homes were designed to operate without mechanical cooling and often no heating either (depending on location).Using a variety of great building products to support this method of building is also key to creating a liveable home environment. The overall cost is higher to build but the ongoing costs are far less. Why would I build a Passive House in Tamworth?Year round thermal comfortHigh indoor air qualityIncreased resilience during heat waves (building takes much longer to heat up)Improved acousticsRidiculously low energy consumptionDust free, bug free interiorBlower door test guarantees I got what I paid for; i.e. construction qualityWhy would I not build a Passive House?I enjoy ‘feeling the seasons’ and being a bit too cool or hot doesn’t worry meI (almost) never close my doorsCurrently costs 3-8 percent more upfrontRequires more time and thought to design Why we know you should give Passive Solar Living a thought, and action. Kareela Constructions Tamworth is a local family owned business with many years experience in all aspects of building and construction, with Energy efficiency as one of the things that are close to our heart. We believe in building homes that are sustainable and homes that are here for the long haul. That’s why we have studied and achieved our Greensmart Certification. Kareela’s owner and builder, Craig Martin, has supervised and constructed many a Greensmart home, focusing on ensuring the environment and natural elements of the location are factored into the build.  Sometimes budget can be an issue in these situations, but together Kareela and the clients can work through any issues to create a home that has that passive solar sustainability and natural connection to the environment. To find out more about Passive Solar Home design and becoming more sustainable,  why not give Contact UsCraig Martin 0415 074 578

Calculating the Cost of Your Renovation
posted on 30 July 2020 01:04 PM

You're dreaming of renovating your home.The bathroom, the ensuite, a new laundry or kitchen. Maybe extending and opening up to get more use out of your back yard.There's hundreds of reasons to renovate! And why not!? Now is the perfect time with the HomeBuilder Grant.Working out how to calculate the starting point for your home renovation can be a daunting task.Here's a few ideas where to start.When it comes to renovating your home the biggest question, we all ask is, how exactly do we calculate how much your home renovation will cost? This question can be remarkably similar to “how long is a piece of string?” The big question should be, “Where does the renovation start and end?” Having a clear idea of how much your home renovation can cost will have a drastic impact on the scope and possibilities available to you during the renovation process. While there are plenty of areas in which you should focus on spending and saving on, it’s important to consider all the different elements that will affect your budget and the end capital value that the bank looks at. Before you call the bank, here are some key tips to keep in mind that will help you calculate your budget. What the Builders and Renovation Magazines advise and what the Renovation Builder prefers.   Prepare a Scope of Works  Essentially, this means writing a to-do list of everything that needs to be done in order to complete your renovation.Do not ignore anything, even if you think it's a low-cost item.If you need help, hire a renovation builder for advice.Do not expect them to work for free.Pay the designated fee and engage a builder to help you put a package together for your bank. Now, be realistic with your scope. Remember, renovations cost more per square metre than new homes. So, there is no point dreaming about adding the Taj Mahal onto the back of your home unless you truly believe you can source the funding.  Rule No 1, do not over-capitalise.  Is it really necessary to change the roof pitch because you don’t like it anymore?  Everyone expects a roof on a house they want to purchase, and very few people would pay you extra because you changed the roof pitch from 15 degrees to 22.5 degrees. At Kareela Constructions, we have been asked to design some realistic and some totally unrealistic homes.  Yes, a Grand Ballroom for a 3-bedroom fibro house has been requested but it didn’t get past the reality test.Another client was surprised, when told a massive kitchen with marble benchtops would cost a small fortune and was advised that it would overcapitalise the property. So, please be realistic. Your local Tamworth builder, Kareela Constructions can assist you with designs and costings. We have a number of experienced Building Designers in our team of consultants. If your budget is modest, so be it. We can work around that by designing your renovations to be built in affordable and flowing stages. Add on Moving Out and Rental Costs You might think you can live at home during major renovations and save money.  This is not always the case.Things to take into consideration here are1.  Dust,2.  No working kitchen,3.  Bathrooms pulled to pieces,4. No back walls on your house,5.  Windows and doors out,6.  Potentially the roof off....The possible disruptions are many, so factor in time you may need to move out – and because renovation times can blow out, allow a few weeks longer than you think you'll need to move out for. We have seen many  people regret that they have chosen to stay in the home during the  renovation. See the picture attached of the makeshift kitchen and port-a-loo at one of the renovations we have done.  Seriously consider moving out during the large renovation. Don’t consider paying rent is dead money, because we can renovate faster by working in multiple areas at once. This allows us to cut time and costs, thereby reducing the contract price. Get Tradie Quotes Once you have your scope of works you can break it down and determine which trades are required to do which bits. If you're sourcing your own materials for any part of the job, make sure you mention that to the Tradesman doing the quote.Your tradies will probably also add items and requirements to the scope that you hadn't considered. Sounds great, doesn't it? That's if you want to be an owner builder. You will be responsible for the co-ordination of materials and trades. Not to mention a huge learning curve of building regulations.By the way, banks love owner builders.Actually to be honest with you, No, they don’t. Owner builders are deemed to be risky. They want a contract, a HIA or MBA contract, with a good builder before they lend. But if you have saved the cash and can do it without the bank, go for it! If you have already engaged Kareela Constructions in a Preliminary Agreement, by now, we have already designed your renovation and given you an accurate estimate, subject to structural design. You have already met with the bank long before you would have completed the previous paragraph on your own. Lets Talk VariationsThis means costs for things that sometimes aren't included, such as skip bins, unforeseen structural surprises, and labour costs that may suddenly be required. Variations also include you upgrading or increasing things like lights, tiles, toilets, vanities, or kitchens. Add these onto your costings, even if you do not think you'll be requesting them. So, always, add a 10-15 per cent buffer on top of whatever your renovation cost comes to as a contingency plan. If you don’t use this contingency, great, put it on, or leave it in your mortgage. More Renovation Considerations Remember renovation building is more expensive per square metre than building a new home for several reasons.The Trades don’t always have a full day’s work on a renovation site, like they would on a large home site.The Trades sometimes have to come and go, instead of moving to another part of the house to work while waiting for another Trade to finish ie lost time traveling, setting up for a short while and packing up again.Some Trades spend almost as long on a renovation site as they would on a new build, due to smaller fiddly work or fixing old work to make it look new.Regularly Trades have to work out how to resolve issues with old work to make sure that it complies with current building codes, or try to  make that bent wall look straight.Throwing your arms in the air in confusion you say “Okay, I am now thinking of selling and buying another home”. Before you scrap your renovation plans, sit and think about the selling and purchasing costs. You could quite easily kiss goodbye to $50k in real estate, legal, mortgage and stamp duty fees.Now wouldn’t that money be better spent on improving your house, rather than others taking it? OK, now take a deep breath and keep moving forward. Add all your Costings Together …and try not to have a heart attack. Can you still afford to renovate? Is there anywhere you can cut back or stage for a bit later? Hey! On the bright side. If your renovations are over $150k, the Federal Government will chip in and give you $25k to contract your builder.  You have until the end of December 2020 to sign a contract though. After all the work and energy you have put into this dream, The magazines say, now's  the time to talk to your lender about your savings, and how your mortgage may be able to help finance the cost or make up the shortfall. If you follow that plan, you are back at square one. You may as well have used the old rule of thumb – come up with a figure and then double it, to be reasonably close. In reality, if you want to go to the bank with a professional design and costings how much the bank will need to lend you, then contact Kareela Constructions and we will make your renovation happen.

Renovation Timeline : How to Plan your Reno
posted on 14 July 2020 02:28 PM

Organising your renovation is a giant task even before your Builder and trades pick up the tools, so here's how you should plan your timeline.Where on earth do you start when planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation? When do you book your trades, order your tiles, call in the painters? Here's how to make sure your project comes together in the right order, with no double handling.12 months before: compile a moodboardInclude absolutely everything you can think of as inspiration – your favourite colours, flowers, landscapes, the Balinese sunset from your last holiday, food – you name it. It will create an idea of the ambience you're after. You will very quickly find there is a theme of likes and don’t likes.6-12 months before: visit showrooms and price up ideasNail down what you love and take note of the prices and lead times attached. It's better to go with the worst-case-scenario price, rather than trying to be conservative – it'll save any nasty financial surprises later.6 months before: set your budget, call the bank about loans (if required)Work out what amount of money is feasible, and where you'll be able to trim back if necessary. Work out how much cash you have access to, and whether you'll need to apply for a loan. ImageSet aside a contingency sum, because the unforeseen can be just under the surface. Like the old bathroom we demolished and found the floor tiles laid on compacted soil instead of a floor slab and all the old plumbing was leaking underground.5 months before: make appointments with kitchen and/or bathroom specialists for concepts and guideline costingsIt's better to have any designers come to your home for your first meeting, to give them an accurate idea of the space you're working with. Now is the time to ask for their ideas, suggestions, material recommendations and quotes.Are you starting to feel overwhelmed with all the knowledge you have to gain and the pitfalls to pour/lose money into? You will have to coordinate trades from work or give up your holidays. Now is a good time start having second thoughts about managing the reno yourself and start thinking about engaging a renovation Builder to manage the whole process.4-5 months before: decide whether to use separate contractors or a bathroom/kitchen specialistIf you're still thinking of managing the reno yourself, before you start anything, book in a marriage counsellor, because you will need one before you’re finished. If you ever finish. :/ Using separate contractors will enable you to be a lot more hands on. Many clients have advised me that “hands on” is very overrated and was not a cost saving as thought.So by choosing to go with a kitchen or bathroom building specialist, you can pass on the worry, dealing with trades, sorting out building issues and the physical hard work to them, as they'll essentially project manage the entire reno from start to finish.  Now that you have decided to get a Builder to carry out your renovation, which one do I choose? Firstly, your builder must be:1. Licenced to carry out all the work i.e. Fully Licenced2. HBCF insurance accredited. Without this, your renovation won’t have” Home Owner’s Warranty”.  All building work valued over $20,000 must be insured. So, don’t be talked into supplying the materials to keep the contract under $20,0003. Willing to enter into a building contract for work over $5,000.4.Experienced in renovations. Renovations are much trickier than building new homes, so experience is required.You have read this far and are probably groaning under the weight of information, so I will give you a big tip to save you a headache. Call Craig Martin at Kareela Constructions. We are fully licenced, HBCF insured, have 30 years building experience and use HIA or MBA contracts for all our work. We will design and get approval your renovation or extension to suite your lifestyle, your land and budget. I have the experience to note most building issues and have planned how to overcome them before we even start.We will introduce you to our preferred suppliers to help you choose your finishes and stay with the contract budget. They will prevent you chasing after “shinies” that will not coordinate with everything else and probably blow your budget.3 months before: finalise start/finish dateNow that you've contracted your renovation specialist builder, we will make a commitment to start and finish dates. Bear in mind that completion dates can be blown out due to unforeseen delays such as the bank is slow in approving your loan, material shortages, illness among the tradies, unexpected discovery of dampness, structural issues or termites, the list goes on.2-3 months before: choose your finishes, such as your splashback and tilesThey may seem like small details, but a statement splashback can change the entire look of your kitchen, and a feature tile in the bathroom can take your reno to a whole new level. Sometimes your tiles need to be ordered from abroad, that can take time, so plan with your builder accordingly.  Our preferred suppliers work with us to take delivery of materials on time, if they have been decided on, in time.2 months before: finalise fittings, fixtures and appliancesAfter confirming with your builder that the appliances are appropriate and will fit, go and get 'em! This goes for any new fridges, dishwashers, bathroom towels and those vintage nick knacks you've had your eye on. Make sure your appliances are available and held in the store. Not a good conversation when you find your fridge was discontinued and you need a larger opening after the kitchen has been installed.1 month before: organise paintersIf you’re still managing the reno yourself, give the painter a month's notice to ensure their availability – that way, you won't be waiting for that finishing paint touch long after the other tradies have packed up and left.Oh yes, we have contracted Kareela Constructions for our renovation, so we don’t have to worry about booking and checking on Waterproofing, Tilers or Painters.  You beauty! We get to keep our sanity.1-2 weeks before hand over: book carpet and house cleanersYou can never underestimate the amount of dust even the smallest bathroom reno can make and all the crevices that dust will find its way into. Do yourself – and your sanity – a favour and call in the experts for a proper deep clean.  A few hours of their hard work will feel like walking into a new home.2 weeks after completion: complete your snag listUnder a standard building contract, you have a 13 week defects liability period window to highlight any problems to your builder. So, if you've discovered that the cutlery drawer jams shut, or that the bathroom mixer has a bit of a wobble, let us know right away. We will send out one of our tradies out to fix problems quickly. For the minor items, send a list towards the end of the defect period and the tradies will only have to drop in once.Conclusion:The ball is in your court. Do you contract Kareela Constructions to design, manage and build your renovation, or do you go out and manage the process yourself? Ask yourself do you have:⦁ An experienced design team?⦁ 30 years building experience in planning and solving building problems?⦁ A team of qualified and experienced trades that will look after your home?⦁ A list of experienced and friendly suppliers?⦁ Knowledge of a Building Consultant?⦁ HIA or MBA building contractsIf you can’t say yes to these points, contact Craig Martin at Kareela Constructions and let’s get started on your renovation.

Dust and Your Home Renovation
posted on 17 June 2020 05:05 PM

A thick layer of dust is inevitable during the renovating and building process.🤔 Read on to discover our four expert tips for minimising the damage.When it comes to renovating, your home will inevitably become cloaked in a thick layer of dust and debris, no matter how meticulous our tradies and planning may be. To help you keep your home neat and tidy through the build, Tamworth builder, Craig Martin of Kareela Constructions shares his top tips for a dust free home renovation. Trades don’t go out of their way to create mess, but it does happen, just like this bathroom make over quickly developed into full demolition and rebuild. People always underestimate the amount of dust that is generated during any sort of building or renovation work. Depending on the amount of demolition, there'll be brick or plasterboard dust in the air, sawdust on the floor and plenty of general construction debris lying around. All this could affect the air quality, scratch surfaces and hardwood floors, and cause a big mess.  The short answer to the question of how to avoid this is, you cannot.😒  So, get over it. 😉 Make your peace with the fact that for however long the build takes, you'll be wondering where it all comes from.  But take heart, neat freaks!  There are a few things you can do to limit the effects. 😁                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Here are Craig’s top four tips for ensuring a dust-free home renovation... 1. Remove itTry to make the area surrounding the site as empty as possible. This protects your furniture, special pieces and home wares and creates a safe work zone for your builder and trades.  Nothing is worse than the oops moment when something has been knocked and possibly broken.  Place all the electronic devices into a safe sealed place, assuming you have a room or two that isn’t being touched by the building work, put things that you can't easily wipe clean – soft furnishings especially – in there. If you don’t have the space, hire it. You won’t regret it. Wondering what you'll sit on? Lock up your couches and sit on milk crates or camping chairs for a month if you have to. If you can’t live without your screen time. Put your TV, computers and electrical devices away and out of potential dust every morning before the trades arrive and start work. Cover itCover everything in the isolation ward in sheeting and plastic. If you have wooden floors you should put sheeting down under your stuff as well, as dust comes up through the gaps.  Except for demolition, our tradies will do the bulk of the dust-creating work, such as sawing, outside where possible. Seal itIf possible, we will try to seal off the room with polythene sheeting and run tape around the doors. This does work best in door openings that trades are not using very often. You can also buy zipped plastic sheeting if you need to get in and out of the area of your house not being renovated.  Clean itAt the end of each day, we give a quick sweep clean, to help reduce dust spread, as part of the renovation service.  In the meantime, during the works, you can keep on top of the worst of it by vacuuming at the end of each day. But don't get over excited and start reinstating all your stuff too soon after hand over, because the dust can still magically reappear for a week or so even after the final clean. us :Facebook ~ ~ @KareelaConstructions

Let’s talk White Kitchens
posted on 12 May 2020 12:00 AM

No matter what people suggest the current trends and colours for kitchens are, we personally know that a white kitchen literally never has, and will never, go out of style. Big statement, but hear us out.  😉Why do people love white kitchens?  The cabinetry is always light, bright and extremely popular because it stays fresh and clean looking. It brightens the space that would otherwise seem darker. White cabinets continue to be extremely popular in 2020 simply because they go with any texture and any style…including the many super popular styles including farmhouse kitchen designs, and Hampton’s style, as well as the ultra modern looks.White cabinetry allows you to be creative with your benchtops, while permitting the use of different finishes and styles. For example; timber on the island bench and granite or engineered stone on the surrounding benches. If you love the stainless steel look, or simply need it because it is the best high-use surface for what you do; this goes perfectly with White cabinetry and doors as well.  White also allows for those yearly colour trends to be incorporated into your home and your kitchen, no matter what colour or texture they are, if the style suits, then the colour will also work perfectly.Why do we think that White kitchens are here to stay? Because kitchens with white cabinetry have a lot of flexibility with their design, and are easily dressed up for a high-end look, or more rustic fora countryside kitchen. The doors can be textured, grooved, shaker style…. There’s many options out there, but they are best in white.  To make any space look larger, Let loose with the white paint! It reflects light, and makes everything feel open and airy. If you think of your home as a white canvas, then anything is possible as your moods,ideas and the trends change.  Do we think you should consider a white kitchen in your new project?  Without a doubt! That would be our first choice, every time!  

Hamptons is one of the coastal styles requested often by our...
posted on 06 April 2020 12:00 AM

In recent years Hamptons has become increasingly popular in Australia, but just as we Aussies do with so many other styles we've put our own spin on it to create a very unique 'Australian Hamptons' style. Hamptons is a style inspired by the luxury Holiday Homes in the sea-side communities along the Eastern Beaches of upstate New York, Long Island. It’s all about luxury, generosity and grandeur paired with comfortable living - nautical themes, and creating inviting spaces which are designed for easy living.The traditional exterior Hamptons colour palette is varying shades of greys, blues, and sandy colours, with trims always a lovely contrasting white. Internally, the traditional Hamptons colour theme is the same… White is the most dominant colour, and it uses nautical colours - blues and sandy tones, along with navy’s and whites to finish the theme - The Hamptons style is big on layering patterns in textiles to create cosy and inviting spaces. Australian home owners and builders tend to change the traditional style to suit our locality, our lifestyle and our budget.We aren’t so big into the layering of patterns, we like it simple, elegant and stylish; we use linens, and different textures rather than lots of patterns… we tend to like things more plain and neutral.Internally, with fixtures and fittings, you’ll often see timber floors, marble splash backs and bench tops, chrome or brass tap ware and plenty of shiplap cabinetry. The Shaker style doors on the kitchen cabinetry and bathrooms are also very popular. It makes for a fresh and breezy and comforting setting.Mostly the base palette for kitchens and bathrooms is all white , but colour in lower wet area cabinetry has taken off in Australian Hampton style interiors; in particular, charcoal, black, green and navy. Along with coloured cabinetry, we’re using traditional Hampton’s moulding, marble bench tops and farmhouse sinks, paired with contemporary tapware against white backdrops. We love indoor plants too! Always great for decorating, and also great for our health. There is something about creating a resort style sanctuary inside our homes that gets us all excited about designing, and building these homes for our valuable clients. Kareela Constructions have lots of beautiful designs already done for you…We have embraced many of the characteristics of the traditional Hamptons style, but of course, it’s up to you as the buyer and home-owner to make your own version of the style come to reality. That’s what is so great about design and construct. It’s what we do best. We build throughout the Tamworth region of New South Wales.Come and talk to us about your new home. Let us help you design a home that you are proud of and that reflects your own Hamptons Aussie style!For more information ~~ us :Facebook ~ ~ @KareelaConstructions

The Beauty of Eco-Friendly Homes
posted on 29 January 2020 12:00 AM

Creating eco-friendly homes is our biggest passion. From sun-drenched homes, to incorporating solar passive designs, there’s nothing more rewarding than creating a beautiful, light, and eco-friendly home. 

Make the Most out of your Building Experience
posted on 29 January 2020 12:00 AM

We understand that it takes time to dive into a project like building a custom home… After all, it takes research, contemplation and planning to ensure that your project is achieved seamlessly and with ease… Want to make the most out of the experience?There are a multitude of benefits when you engage a builder early in the game… Aside from saving you more time, it will also provide incredible value and ensures that the process remains as stress-free as possible…To learn more email us at ~ [email protected]

An Example of Good Design Looks Like This...
posted on 29 January 2020 12:00 AM

A quick example of what we mean by good and well-thought-out design 👌. Maximising the amount of natural light is a fantastic and holistic way to incorporate eco-friendly practices…Adding large wall-to-wall windows in an Eastern facing room can fill the space with so much natural light, minimising your use of energy and electricity. Imagine waking up and greeting the day in this sun-drenched breakfast area 😍.

Simple & Sweet
posted on 29 January 2020 12:00 AM

A few simple words that make our week. Thank you for the kind review, Ninna! Read the full review ⬇️.“Craig did a fantastic job at our place. Would highly recommend him. Fast and very reliable!”– Ninna

Don’t Wait Until your Design is Complete
posted on 29 January 2020 12:00 AM

Building your dream home is an exciting affair – but it can easily turn sideways… Waiting after the design process to hire the right builder is a common mistake that many well-meaning homeowners make. The reality is, there’s only everything to gain when you engage a builder early. Aside from capturing your vision perfectly, doing this allows you to stay within budget and meet deadlines. To learn more email us at ~ [email protected]

Our Answer to Stress-Free Building
posted on 29 January 2020 12:00 AM

We’ve got the secret in achieving a no-fuss, stress-free building project…and the answer is easier than you think. Engaging a builder early in your building project will ensure that your expectations are met in the design, budget and timeline. The right builder has expertise in your area and the kind of home you want to build, allowing you to create a better design, packed with affordable ways to get the features you and your family want and need. There are multiple benefits in engaging with a local builder early. To learn more email us at ~ [email protected]

We Don't Skimp on the Details
posted on 29 January 2020 12:00 AM

When it comes to our building and design approach…we NEVER skimp on the details ☝️.  For instance, a little panelling can change EVERYTHING in a home… The look and feel of this entryway is completely elevated, just by adding a little panelling detail…  If this is what you envision for your next project, get in touch with our team. To learn more, book a Building consultation today ~

Great Service from Start to Finish
posted on 29 January 2020 12:00 AM

Proof that from start to finish, our team delivers. Check out Jillian’s full review below ⬇️. "I recently engaged Kareela Constructions and director, Craig arrived very promptly and provided a most competitive quote. Craig cleaned up all dust and debris and followed up to ensure I was happy with the service. I would thoroughly recommend Kareela Constructions and Craig for his efficient manner and professionalism.“– Jillian

Let There Be Light!
posted on 29 January 2020 12:00 AM

Let there be light ☀️. Incorporating as much natural light is one of the things that we try to apply in our designs. Not only does it look good, but it is also a holistic way to add eco-friendly elements into your home. More natural light + less use of energy = massive savings on your next electricity bill. And you’ve got to admit…it looks amazing! 

How to Meet your Budget with your Builder
posted on 29 January 2020 12:00 AM

It’s important to be flexible with your budget, but it’s also essential for your builder to respect the expectations you have for your investment. This means that your design needs to align within the allotted time frame, as well as the design materials and details. When you engage a builder early, the chances of staying within budget are multiplied tenfold.Your builder can flag any potential challenges with your project and find cost-effective solutions that won’t compromise your design, expectations or vision.

That Eye for Design
posted on 29 January 2020 12:00 AM

It takes a real eye for design to achieve a layout like this one. Luckily, our team has someone who can make this happen 😎. Kareela Constructions is proud to offer Design and Construct Services to our valued clients. Craig and Mandy are our builder + designer dream-team and can bring your existing designs to life.We also have the ability to take care of your project, end-to-end. To learn more, book a building consultation today ~

A Great Review of our Renovation Services
posted on 29 January 2020 12:00 AM

A great review from Anthony about a renovation we completed for him and his family ⬇️.“Craig carried out some major renovations on our house. He provided a competitive quote, was an excellent communicator and did an outstanding job. Everything you look for in a builder. Definitely will be using Kareela Construction again.”– Anthony

How to get the Perfect View
posted on 04 September 2019 12:00 AM

A lot of our clients refer to their exterior views as “make or break” elements of their dream home. Work with your building team and establish a sense of serenity and calm by framing your views just how you want them.

What goes into a Project like this One?
posted on 25 August 2019 12:00 AM

A beautiful lay out like this one takes a lot of careful contemplation and precision to achieve. We bring care and expert knowledge into our work and take it on like it’s our own. If you’re embarking on a comprehensive building project, trust the local experts to make it happen! To learn more, drop us an email on [email protected]

The Right Amount of Detail
posted on 21 August 2019 12:00 AM

Sometimes it’s worth zooming right in, so you can see the amount of detail we put into our work.

We work with the Climate
posted on 11 August 2019 12:00 AM

No matter what the local climate has in store, we know how to build a comfortable and efficient home that reflects your family’s lifestyle. To learn more, drop us an email on [email protected]

The Right Choice is in your Hands
posted on 07 August 2019 12:00 AM

MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE WITH YOUR PROJECTEmbarking on a building project is no casual feat. There’s a lot of time, money and effort that goes into building a home that is timeless, modern and speaks directly to your lifestyle.It’s important to engage a builder who is able approach your project with transparency, integrity and realness. Work with a team that embodies these in everything that they do, while incorporating stunning and beautiful styles like this one. To learn more about us, drop us an email on [email protected]

Client design brief on site taking in the view and weather...
posted on 03 August 2019 12:00 AM

Client design brief on site taking in the view and weather conditions. This is how we understand what you like and want in your design and construction packages. #design #designandconstruct #tamworthnewhomedesigns #tamworthrenovationbuilder #tamworthdesignandconstruct #tamworthnewhomebuilder #tamworthbuilder #Armidalebuilder #quirindi #quirindibuilder (at Quirindi, New South Wales)

Taking care of your Project
posted on 28 July 2019 12:00 AM

From energy efficient systems to absolute luxury, we take care of your entire building or renovation project. Enjoy the beauty of sleek, elegant designs and expert craftsmanship. To learn more about our services, drop us an email on [email protected]

Moving or removing walls in an older style house that...
posted on 23 July 2019 12:00 AM

Moving or removing walls in an older style house that don’t have roof trusses? Not a problem for experienced Builders with span tables and years on the tools. We can turn your idea into reality.#tamworthdesignandconstruct #tamworthdesign #tamworthrenovations #tamworthnewhomedesigns #tamworthrenovationbuilder #tamworthbuilder #tamworthnewhomebuilder #carpentry #tamworth(at Tamworth, New South Wales)

Ahead of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, ladt week, we...
posted on 21 July 2019 12:00 AM

Ahead of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, ladt week, we visited the Dish in between catching up with family. I remember watching the landing on telly as a kid. Now our kids have seen where it all happened in Australia.#goodweekend #tamworthnewhomedesigns #design

A chilly start in East Tamworth this morning with ice on the saw...
posted on 17 July 2019 12:00 AM

A chilly start in East Tamworth this morning with ice on the saw stool. #Tamworthkitchenrenovations #tamworthnewhomedesigns #design #Tamworthrenovationbuilder #tamworthhouseandlandpackages #tamworthdesign (at Tamworth, New South Wales)

Beautiful, Both Inside AND Out!
posted on 14 July 2019 12:00 AM

Enjoy living spaces that look beautiful both inside and out. Together, we’ll design and refresh your living spaces so that they reflect your current and long-term lifestyle. To learn more, drop us an email on [email protected]

Being Eco-Smart
posted on 10 July 2019 12:00 AM

BE ECO-SMART WITH YOUR HOMEWeather conditions can be harsh in the Tamworth region, but we know how to make the most out of it with our GreenSmart designs and eco-friendly approach. To learn more about our work, drop us an email on [email protected]

We are receiving a couple of light showers of rain. Hopefully...
posted on 08 July 2019 12:00 AM

We are receiving a couple of light showers of rain. Hopefully they are widespread and consistent all day (at Tamworth, New South Wales)

Is this what you Envision for your Next Building Project?
posted on 30 June 2019 12:00 AM

Enjoy beautiful, fresh and open spaces like this one with the help of our team at Kareela Constructions. To learn more about our work, drop us an email on [email protected]

These two critics keeping an eye on me finishing off the...
posted on 26 June 2019 12:00 AM

These two critics keeping an eye on me finishing off the polycarbonate roof sheets on the new pergola at our Daruka job. They were good company, except for the regular stop and pat me breaks. Lunch was interesting with two extra pairs of eyes on my sandwiches.#Tamworth #tamworthnewhomebuilder #tamworthrenovations #Armidalebuilders #design #renovations #renovation #tamworthrenovationbuilder #Gunnedah #Gunnedahbuilders #Armidale (at Tamworth, New South Wales)

A beautiful Sunday afternoon in Tamworth looking for a block of...
posted on 09 June 2019 12:00 AM

A beautiful Sunday afternoon in Tamworth looking for a block of land to call ours. Follow our journey #tamworthnewhomebuilder #tamworthrenovations #Armidalebuilders #design #renovations #renovation #tamworthrenovationbuilder#Gunnedah #Gunnedahbuilders #Armidale

Our 3 bedroom design is a great way to get into the property...
posted on 04 June 2019 12:00 AM

Our 3 bedroom design is a great way to get into the property ladder as it can be extended to a 4 bedroom and rumpus room when the time comes. The Sandy has all the necessary inclusions to make your own haven for years to come. Speak to us about our design or others we have shown on our website. #tamworthnewhomebuilder #tamworthnewhomedesigns #tamworthrenovations #tamworthdesign #tamworthdesignandconstruct #Gunnedah #gunnedahbuilders #Armidalebuilder #armidale (at Tamworth, New South Wales)

The new kitchen has been installed. Very custom design as we...
posted on 30 May 2019 12:00 AM

The new kitchen has been installed. Very custom design as we spent a few weeks making sure everything was correct before commencing work. Begin the plumbing tiling and electrical fit off now. Call to arrange your new kitchen renovation #Tamworth #tamworthnewhomebuilder #tamworthrenovations #Tamworthkitchenrenovations #tamworthbuilder #Kitchen #kitchenrenovation #design #tamworthrenovations #tamworthrenovationbuilder

A new designer kitchen being installed by Simmonds Kitchens at...
posted on 29 May 2019 12:00 AM

A new designer kitchen being installed by Simmonds Kitchens at our renovation site in Daruka. There has been a lot of planning to get to this stage. Our client is looking forward to a new and functional kitchen in the next few days. #Tamworth #tamworthdesign #tamworthnewhomedesigns #Tamworthrenovationbuilder #tamworthbuilder #tamworthhouseandlandpackages #tamworthrenovations #manillabuilder #gunnedahbuilder #armidalebuilder

Do you want to have a home that is cutting edge in design. Our...
posted on 06 May 2019 12:00 AM

Do you want to have a home that is cutting edge in design. Our Bondi is 358sqm of luxury home. 4 bedroom, 2 ½ bathroom and a double garage. Watch the footy on a big screen in the theater. Out of sight dinner preparing in the large butlers pantry. As we design and construct, all our plans can be modified to suit your needs. We listen and provide solutions. Deal with a family owned Tamworth builder that always utilise local trades and suppliers.#tamworthnewhomedesigns #tamworthknockdownandrebuild #tamworthhouseandlandpackages #tamworthnewhomebuilder #tamworthbuilder #tamworthrenovations #Gunnedah #Gunnedahbuilders #Armidale #customhomebuilder #Tamworth #tamworthdesign #tamworthdesignandconstruct #design

Big day out at the Sydney HIA Home Show over the weekend. A lot...
posted on 07 April 2019 12:00 AM

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kareela Constructions (@kareelaconstructions) on Apr 7, 2019 at 4:41pm PDTBig day out at the Sydney HIA Home Show over the weekend. A lot of ideas and products on display #tamworthnewhomedesigns #tamworthbuilders #Tamworthrenovationbuilder #tamworthhouseandlandpackages #Tamworth #tamworthnewhomebuilder #tamworthknockdownandrebuild #gunnedahbuilder #Gunnedah #Armidale #armidalebuilder

We had a good drop of rain over Tamworth on Saturday morning....
posted on 31 March 2019 12:00 AM

We had a good drop of rain over Tamworth on Saturday morning. Hey Huey, lets have some more.Hello EveryoneYou have received this letter because we have contacted each other by email and we have each other’s address.It’s been a while since we have sent out our monthly email letter. Last year I injured myself and was off work for a lot of the year. So here we are back into 2019 and back into our monthly newsletter about property opportunities, regional information, building information and updates on what we are building or enjoying. If you don’t want to receive these letters? No hard feelings. Just click the unsubscribe link that is at the bottom of the page. As simple as that

Looking for a 4 bed home with extra garage storage? We have the...
posted on 31 March 2019 12:00 AM

Looking for a 4 bed home with extra garage storage? We have the Casuarina 356 for your extra needsThe Casuarina is luxurious, functional and modern looking 4 bedroom home with a Rumpus room near the Kid’s bedrooms to keep the noise away from the Living and Dining areas. Also included is an Study and a separate Master Study for serious work. Don’t forget the 6.0m of storage in the garage.If the modern look is not for you, we can modify the fascade to suit your brief.All this fits on a 20.4m wide x 32.3m deep block of land. Sloping blocks wouldn’t be a problem with this design.#tamworthbuilder #tamworthrenovationbuilder #tamworthnewhomebuilder #tamworthknockdownandrebuild #tamworthnewhomedesigns #duplexbuilder #duplex #gunnedahbuilder #quirindi #armidalebuilder #lampada #moorecreek #theoutlookestate #redbankestate

This is a great way to extend a room and bring the outdoors in....
posted on 31 March 2019 12:00 AM

This is a great way to extend a room and bring the outdoors in. An extension with out seriously extending. This will also add street appeal. #tamworthbuilder #tamworthrenovationbuilder #tamworthnewhomebuilder #tamworthknockdownandrebuild #tamworthnewhomedesigns #gunnedahbuilder #quirindi #armidalebuilder #duplexbuilder #Tamworthcarpentry

The drought is punishing some older houses as well as the farms...
posted on 29 March 2019 12:00 AM

The drought is punishing some older houses as well as the farms and the people. This beautiful old house had some cracks before the lady purchased it, but nature has created some significant damage. We will be working closely with the Engineer and the owner to restore this home. #armidalebuilder #renovations #renovationbuilders #Tamworthrenovationbuilder #tamworthnewhomebuilder #tamworthbuilder

A kitchen renovation that we are really excited about. The walls...
posted on 29 March 2019 12:00 AM

A kitchen renovation that we are really excited about. The walls and floor were in poor condition and required a lot of work to level up and straighten for the clean crisp lines of this new kitchen. #Tamworthrenovationbuilder #tamworthbuilders #Tamworthrenovation #Armidale #armidalebuilder #gunnedahbuilder #tamworthnewhomebuilder

This 4 bedroom home is the Frenchmans 292 and is perfect for an...
posted on 30 August 2018 12:00 AM

This 4 bedroom home is the Frenchmans 292 and is perfect for an acreage block. The large alfresco is the full width of the living area, creating great views of your yard. Triple garage, media room and office included. #tamworthbuilder #tamworthrenovationbuilder #tamworthnewhomebuilder #tamworthknockdownandrebuild #tamworthnewhomedesigns #duplexbuilder #duplex #gunnedahbuilder #quirindi #armidalebuilder #lampada #moorecreek (at Tamworth, New South Wales)

Are you looking at a large block of land in Forest Hills or...
posted on 15 August 2018 12:00 AM

Are you looking at a large block of land in Forest Hills or Moore Creek and want a county style home to live in? Look no further than our Thornton 377 country house. Wrap around veranda. 5 bedrooms and an office. The largest butlers pantry in the market. Consider Kareela Constructions and deal directly with your builder for your home to be how you want it. #tamworthbuilder #tamworthrenovationbuilder #tamworthnewhomebuilder #tamworthknockdownandrebuild #tamworthnewhomedesigns #duplexbuilder #duplex #gunnedahbuilder #quirindi #armidalebuilder #lampada #moorecreek (at Kareela Constructions)

The Noosa 4 bedroom home is 462m of style. Built around your new...
posted on 03 July 2018 12:00 AM

The Noosa 4 bedroom home is 462m of style. Built around your new pool or outdoor living area. The L shape will give privacy or protection from the prevailing wind. Sounds like your home? Give me a call to arrange a meeting time. Remember, at Kareela Constructions you will deal with the builder from start to finish, giving you peace of mind through the building process. #tamworthbuilder #tamworthrenovationbuilder #tamworthnewhomebuilder #tamworthknockdownandrebuild #tamworthnewhomedesigns #duplexbuilder #duplex #gunnedahbuilder #quirindi #quirindibuilder #armidale #armidalebuilder (at Tamworth, New South Wales)

Here is the Balmoral 190 from our 3 bedroom home range. Ideal...
posted on 24 June 2018 12:00 AM

Here is the Balmoral 190 from our 3 bedroom home range. Ideal for the family that doesn’t want the size of a 4 bedroom home. We can build on your block of land in Tamworth, Gunnedah or Quirindi. For personalised service contact us now. #tamworthbuilder #tamworthrenovationbuilder #tamworthnewhomebuilder #tamworthknockdownandrebuild #tamworthnewhomedesigns #gunnedahbuilder #quirindi #Tamworthcarpentry #Tamworth (at Kareela Constructions)